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Re: Need Tips On How To Do Well In Chemistry

Dec 10, 2006

Fenderson wrote:

jamaica0535 wrote:
we did that stuff in the frist few weeks.... wait untill balancing equations during chemical reactions.......

I got chem in. I think it was 7th, that **bleep** was hard.

yea im in 10th, its hard but my favorit class, we get to burn things.... someone blew up a test tube in a lab where wpart of it was to drop zinc into HCl, which looks like this unbalancced  Zn + HCl --> H2 + ZnCl, we were supposed to hold a test tube over the bubles to catch the gas, then put a flaming stick in to make it wistle, but some ones exploded.... we also got to ignite Mg ribbon over the bunson burner... so bright....
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