Jan 19 2007
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Namco goes multiplatform

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some key points:

NamcoBandai’s director of business development Zach Karlsson tells Next-Gen about the company’s plans for creating new IP, and for moving current IP across more platforms. Looks like Hellgate: London (pictured) is Xbox 360 bound, for one thing….

Online is a very big console characteristic now so we’re really looking at what multi-player games we bring to the space as well. With the Xbox360 and the ease of portability between the PC and Xbox 360 as well as the platform of the PS3, it really makes sense for us to really look at online as a platform rather than looking at individual consoles by themselves, in a bubble

We have a very long tradition of powerful existing franchises in for the likes of Pacman, Tekken and Soul Calibur.  We’re really looking to grow that portfolio

We have a bunch of new stuff coming up in  2008 which is going to be our biggest year. It’s indicative of our push into building new IPs and licenses

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Re: Namco goes multiplatform

Jan 19, 2007
Sword fo Legendia goes for Wii, as the suspected sequel of Tales fo Legendia.

If you need support for Star Wars Battlefront II, Pm me.

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