Jan 10 2011
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Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded releases tomorrow 1/11/11

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Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded will release this Tuesday for the Nintendo DS.

The game follows the events after Kingdom Hearts II where Jiminy ponders the message left in the journal, "Thank Naminè."  He discovers a new mysterious message, "Their hurting will be mended  when you return to end it." Jiminy consults Mickey, and a machine is  created to turn the journal into a data simulation. A data Sora is  awakened from the journal and is sent on a mission to clear the bugs  from the journal, as well as to discover out who "their" actually are.

The game is a remake based off the mobile game KH: Coded. The gameplay takes it own form as well as take from KH:358/2 Days and elements from KH:Birth by Sleep. The journey Sora travels is through the first chronicle of his journey  (KH1), so the worlds you visit will mostly consist from that journey.

Is it worth buying? Well, the game is like KH:Chain of Memories where they're is a main plot to the story which involves you going through several sub-plots based on that world. If you are a Kingdom Hearts  fan, then this will surely be worth it the buy. If you don't have a DS  or aren't interested going through those same worlds yet again, then  there is always YouTube which will feed you the main storyline.

"Memories are forgotten, but never lost."
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