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Re: Kid dies in gun fight

Nov 15, 2006

Hells_AnGel07 wrote:
Ok so maybe I should clear a few things up because my original post was a lil confusing.
I didn't personally know him but from what I saw in school he was a bit of a playboy with alot of girlfriends. Never started any fights with anybody and hardly got in trouble. (other then getting his phone taken away in class.)
I'm not quite sure what they were arguing over so I have no say but I do agree that I would have shot back.
I think I was being a lil biased in my first post so I apologize for that.
Any other things need clearing up...?

....sounds like he was a trouble maker

he was packin...he bought friends to a fight *which indicates he knew something was gonna happen.....the fact he came back was the first flag..

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