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Re: James Kim found dead

Dec 10, 2006

bonnie wrote:

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Vedel Minashigo wrote:
...I STILL don't understand what makes him so important as opposed to anyone else.  Lots of people die and a lot of them tragically.  It's sad happens all the time.

QFT. I mean I am reading all these posts about people getting teary eyed for this guy like he is above everybody else. Maybe it is because he is asian and we are on a messege board of an asian company.
I saew one guy go as far as to say this hurts him worse than if a relative or classmate would have died.

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 I doubt that has anything to do with this. I think because a lot of people are familiar with CNET and since they posted a message of him and his family missing, that brought a lot of attention and then the sad ending to rescue efforts.
My local paper had articles of this daily since I live near SF where his family lives. As far as I know, people were hoping he and his family would be found ok. It didn't matter if he was of any importance or not, and whether he was Asian or not. A family was missing. Kim took a wrong turn and ended up at the dead end of a long road. It was snowing hard and back roads are not plowed in the winter. If we could imagine being in their shoes...
According to the newspaper article, they went on a trip to Seatle for the holidays. On the way back accidentally took the wrong turn onto a long road that ends up a dead end. He tries to turn the car around but it gets stuck in the snow. So they use whatever resources they have to keep warm, fed, and the cell phone will not work in the mountains, especially in harsh weather. Several days go by and all resources are used up. What now? The father decides it's best to leave and try to find help for his wife and children. After all, they have been there for days hoping help would find them since they have been missing for days from home and work. He leaves, endures the cold frigid weather, endures hard climbing and may have swam across a creek that had to be 20 below, with only a few layers of clothing on. Then he struggles more through snow, harsh weather and unforgiving terrain. All the time he is starving, feeling very sick and literally freezing. He still keeps going but only to find his efforts take him to a cliff blocking any further chance of finding help. He died there. He covered over 8 miles that experienced well equipped rescuers said they had an exhausting time with & referred to him as superhuman because of his tenacity or will to travel as far as he did.
Kims father hired a helicopter to search, that is who found the family and only because the cell phone finally gave a signal that narrowed down the search area. His wife was seen outside the car waving an umbrella with S.O.S. reflective tape on it.
Anyway, he made the wrong decision to leave but he obviously felt it was the right thing to do at the time. If he had been able to find help, he could have saved his family. The map of his journey showed his efforts were incredible. I thought that when a family is missing, people care and hope for their well being. People post a lot of news & their feelings/thoughts in message boards. I guess it's nonsense to some though.

I heard his GPS got him lost.  He must have figured it would be easier with it. 
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Re: James Kim found dead

Dec 10, 2006
and for those who kept asking 'who the hell is he?' and 'what happened?', learn to read.

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