Jun 12 2013
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How to sign up for Battlelog?

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For the past month I have been trying to sign up for Battlelog. I have searched YouTube and the internet on how to sign up for it and nothing works. I created an Origin account only to use it for battlelog. This is what I have been TRYING to do and have been doing this almost everyday to see if something changes for my luck. But that dose not happen. I sign into Origin with my psn account then it says: Log in to Origin to link your profile with PlayStation® Network. Don't have an Origin account? Sign up now. So I sign into my origin account that I made and when I do that it says: This account is already in use. What do I do because it’s not connected to my battlelog Please help me. I am really frustratedSmiley Mad and do not know what to do . This is why I am reaching out to all of the people that have solved this problem.


Thanks floridaluvSmiley Happy

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