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Re: How much can i get for all this on eBay?

Nov 30, 2006
hey ravage i'll give you $360 for the system and aany game you want to give me
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Re: How much can i get for all this on eBay?

Nov 30, 2006

BakedPigeon wrote:

Ravage Ritual wrote:
-Premium Xbox 360. good condition. Knife wounds in HDD (dont ask )
-20 games
  1. Burnout Revenge
  2. Call of Duty 2
  3. Call of Duty 3
  4. Dead or Alive 4
  5. Dead Rising
  6. Enchanted Arms
  7. Fight Night Round 3
  8. Gears of War CE
  9. Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter
  10. Kameo
  11. Madden 2007
  12. MLB 2K6
  13. NBA 2K6
  14. Quake 4
  15. Oblivion
  16. Perfect Dark Zero
  17. Project Gotham Racing 3
  18. Prey
  19. Saint's Row
  20. Splinter Cell: Double Agent
Wireless Headset
Plug n Play cord
Gears of War faceplate and skins

its driving me nuts. i want a PS3 so bad. I may sell my 360 for it. (sorry 360 Smiley Sad)

Knife wounds LOL
I would personally go trade those games in at gamestop or eb because they are doing a special where you can get  a lot more in store credit then usual.  I know that they rip you off for the most part but its just a suggestion you may want to ask your local eb or gamestop.
Dont sale the X360 bro...  hold out and get a PS3 next year when there is actually something to play.
Well sorry for steering your post the wrong direction do what you want. 

yea dont they got that "trade 2 games in get 1 free" thing

So i can get the whole PS3 launch lineup and then some
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