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Re: How do I watch South Park on PS3?

Mar 5, 2014

Grindhead_Jim wrote:

TheFunkyRapper wrote:
Hulu has every season

I can verify this.  That's where I watch South Park.


im not sure why this was moved to the ot since this is about ps3

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Re: How do I watch South Park on PS3?

Mar 5, 2014

HiTmAN_90 wrote:

DaBird-Is-DaWord wrote:

HiTmAN_90 wrote:

DaBird-Is-DaWord wrote:

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spyder_21 wrote:
They took off South park from Netflix???????? What!!!

netflix is annoying

what someone needs to do is create an app where it as ALL the movies ever made available

That's just unrealistic, lol. And you won't see a legal version of such an app any time soon.

lets get real here tho

i know it probly wont happen but look


if i decide i want to watch rush hour 2 suddenly

and lets say netflix doesnt have it...

how do i watch it

all the dvd rental places like blockbuster are closed down in my area

there is redboxes in my area but they dont have a big availability of diverse movies only a select few


theres no guaranteed way to watch a movie these days unless i find it on amazon and order the dvd now


hulu might have the movies netflix doesnt have

so now  i gota subscribe to 2 different providers which they probably wont have all the movies i wana watch even if you put them together

There's a pretty huge selection of movies for you to rent for 24 hour periods on Playstation Store, Amazon Video,  Vudu, and RedBox Instant. Not to mention iTunes and similar websites. There are legal ways to digitally rent or own most movies out there now in days. Between those apps and services like Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, and Crunchy Roll you're pretty much covered.

thats my point...

if today i wana watch a movie and i go online to see where its available and i see that its on netflix... cool ill watch it

tomorrow i might wana watch a different movie ill go see where its at and it would be on vudu this time... so id have to subscribe to vudu... why not right?

then 3 days later i wana watch a third different movie and this one is only on amazon video... so now i have to subscribe to a 3rd app which is even more money

at the end id have to be subscribed to all the providers

or buy or pirate movies


You don't have to subscribe to Amazon, Vudu, Redbox, etc. to rent movies. Amazon does offer a subscription service for video streams but you can also download individual movies and TV shows. I see where you're getting at. I mean, obviously one site that has everything would be ideal. I'm not suggesthing that the current state of things is better than what you're talking about, but that's the reality of things. Just thought I'd let you know about your other options.

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