Jun 01 2013
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Help with Gameplay Capture Devices.

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So I got an Elgato Game Capture HD for use with my PS3 and I enjoy the quality of the recording (even though it is component only) and ease of use for the software but I am having a problem where the device won't passthrough video when my PC isn't on and the software isn't open.


This is unacceptable for me. Is there a way around this? The whole DVI-to-HDMI workaround for the HDCP protection is just too expensive for me in addition to the capture device.


Also, does the HD PVR 2 allow for passthrough without needing your PC be on and the software open?

What about the Roxio HD? Can I use component-in from the PS3 and output in HDMI like I can the other two devices?

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