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Re: Halo2

Dec 5, 2006

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I stopped playing Halo 2 about a year ago, but I did play from launch night clear up the that point regularly.  I then just lost interest in it, definatly not near the quality as Halo Combat Evolved was.  I hope Halo 3 recaputres the classic gameplay.

i should. halo 3 is were all those lose ends well be finished off. i can't wait!

Same Halo3 will OwN!!!!!!!!! Halo2's still fun because i never really played it that much

HA!...i still play Halo: Combat Evolved A.K.A. Halo 1

halo 1 **bleep** i loved that games story line. so good

it was a good story line, but i play online now through GameSpy Arcade. After you beat it over and over in Legendary Mod you have to seek new chalenges online.
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