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Re: Guitar Hero 2 Question

Jan 8, 2007

Im confused. wrote:

Rafe wrote:

Im confused. wrote:
Yeah, both of you can play the whole song at the same time...just not the same exact stuff.  (ie one would be lead, and the other would be bass or rhythm)

no there is a mode you unlock by beating Medium its like pro face off or something.
you basically just both play the exact same song however hits more of the frets wins the battle.

Oh, really?  I went over to my friends how and there were two of his brothers playing, one was bass, and one was lead.  Thats where I got that from.  I have never really played it, but I did talk to them while they were playing.

Yeah you just have to beat medium, at least I had to. Ive owned te game for almost a month now....cant play it right now though cause im on military course and left it at home. But while I could play it I was able to beat it on Medium and unlock that mode.
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