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Re: Google Fiber and FREE INTERNET??

Feb 20, 2014
Ugh the idea of a data cap is just bad in MHO
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Re: Google Fiber and FREE INTERNET??

Feb 20, 2014

I'm not sure if Century Link has any CAP.. but back when i was with COX.. my speed was 15Mbps download with 200GB cap a month.


the higher the speed the higher the cap.. or so they said..  not sure.


is there such a thing as UNLIMTED  anymore..


they advertised as such but there's a * next to it.. and then the fine print at the bottom..


some they did not even disclose the limit cap to you either.. but you can dispute


**back then Netflix got sued over their UNLIMITED rentals.. which caused them to change the TOS around a bit.. pretty much blaming USPS for it..  since instead of admitting that i'll throttle you if you rent over 8 movies a month..(that was the day of dvd rentals)

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