Dec 29 2012
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God of War Ascension Controller in Japan.

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I was on the japanese playstation website, doing one of my usual inspections to see what kind of awesome stuff they get, than we dont... They always get Limited Edition PS3's that look awesome, and more psp, and psvita editions. I wish we got them to, but oh well I can live with my black PS3. Then last year they released an Uncharted 3 bundle that came with a special uncharted themed controller, I wanted one so bad, but they never got released in the United States. I could live with that but I still wish I got one. Now they are releasing a God of War Ascension bundle with a God of War themed dualshock 3 controller. This is my DREAM CONTROLLER, God of War is my favorite video game series ever. I would kill for this controller. I just hope that they just might release it in the United States. I would kill someone for this controller! I could just buy a japanese import, but then I would have to pay way to much money, and I'd have a useless japanese copy of the game.

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