Oct 09 2013
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Get Real Xbots

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I have a couple of friends that are getting the XB1 and they say 3 things why they are getting it.

Believe me it's not just my friends. If you roam the internet these distortions and misunderstandings

are herding the sheep and the sheep are Green.


Dedicated Servers

Well all the talk about MS and it's dedicated servers "Advantage" .

I get it dedicated servers do typically present a better online gaming experience.

Ghost has now confirmed all consoles will get dedicated servers. This was the 1 that they would always

throw out there when we would talk about the consoles. I am not getting Ghost but after finding this out.

I started to wonder so where is the advantage my XBOT friends always put out there like it was the Holy Grail?

After a little searching it appears any publishers wanting to use MS dedicated servers will have to pay MS.

So even publishers have a paywall with MS. Also they have no where near 300,000. Not even 50,000.


The Cloud

Oh the cloud well this 1 has begun to settle down a little bit. When the words were spoke

"The Infinite POWER of the cloud" the word power along with cloud made it a magical experience

for my XB friends. Well it appears that clouds are really more like smoke or fog at this point.

Can you offload some non essential functions of gameplay absolutely and so can your android phone.

NO it will not increase the graphical performance to match the PS4.



This is the 1 that is really personal preference.

MY take is it's not even close.

I believe the PS4 F2P games are better than all of XB launch titles.


For everyone that says the PS4 games are not good.

The F2P  games are not that good.

The Indie games are not that good.

PS+ is not good.

Power of the console doesn't mean anything. 


Saying that,

I'll take KZSF over Ryse, I'll take a >FREE< Driveclub with realtime Weather and Time effects over Forza.

If the XB1 had a boatload of Good/Great F2P games and PS4 did not XBOTS would throw that in your face.

Indie Games suck when Sony embraces them after MS kicks them to the curb, a bit hypocritical don't you think?

PS+ is not any good is laughable when I hear this. What the hell has MS ever given away.

What they have given away is to react to what Sony does. MS is the cash cow not Sony.

The power of the console. Just think if the XB1 and PS4 specs were reversed, OK..

Just imagine all the bots I am sure it would not only matter but would be thrown in PS4 fans face daily.

But seeing that it's not it doesn't mean anything.

Give it Love or Hate these are My thoughts.





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