Mar 08 2014
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Being a fanboy to only one publisher like EA is the worst thing you'll ever experience because you would always think that their games were better than its rivals, which are actually better than EA does (take FIFA fanboys for example, they always prefer that over PES because it's EA and it has full license teams). Previously, I was a big EA fanboy back then, but later on I realize that there are better games than this greedy company and the only lesson I've learn from them is to leave my other hobbies and stick to their games only (one of the reason why I forget the anime long time ago just for that thing). Itr's good thing that I've move on to other games when I tried to play PES and other good games, before my gaming experience gets worse.

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Re: Fanboyism

Mar 8, 2014

Hrm, hard to figure out what you're saying really..


I'll just add this:

I find it quite odd so many young or new gamers are solely dedicated to a single game genre, pub/dev (though rarely hear of this), or even a single franchise/game. I play as many games as possible that I enjoy, and that's quite a lot. I could talk your ear off about Bioshock one moment, Minecraft the next and then Dark Souls and so on and so on.


It's like when people talk about how over the past few years the only game they have played is _____ and little else. For example I loved the Mass Effect series, but once I was done with the story I was ready to move on. No need to relive the same game again and again and again. Time for new adventures, new challenges and new gaming experiences. I seem to be in the minority though. Most people seem to just stick with the familiar once they find something they like, I constantly crave new gaming experiences once I have accomplished what I want in another game.

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