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Re: Dragon Ball GT?

Aug 21, 2013

DBGT is poorly written, boring, and a few major steps backwards from DBZ.  It looks like the same animation, but the concept just doesn't work.  For instance, you know how tough Goku is in DBZ right?  In one episode of DBGT, he's in a sewer or a warehouse of something and there's this big exhaust fan.  He has to time a jump through the fan so the blades don't hit him and kill him.


So fan blades don't hit him and kill him.  Derp.


a. Teleport to the other side.

b. Go the other way around the world in a second or two to avoid them.

c. Stick your arm in there and have the blades smash against your arm.

d. Punch through the wall.

e. Vaporize the fan.

f. Simply disconnect the wires?


Even as a child in the original Dragonball, Goku would not have sweated an exhaust fan.


DBGT is garbage.  There are a couple of neat-o moments here and there, but it's not worth watching the whole series to see them.

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