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Re: Do you believe in 2nd chances at life?

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Mar 8, 2014

HiTmAN_90 wrote:

yes because i got one

I've never cheated in a relationship and never will, because it's not cool.  


I don't ever re call me ever getting one.  Usually its one and done for me. 

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Re: Do you believe in 2nd chances at life?

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Mar 9, 2014

I do believe in second chances, because I want for people to redeem themselves, and also, I need to learn how to forgive people that wronged me, because forgiveness is the key to second chances. I would never cheat in a relationship, and never will, because cheating on my girlfriend will have her heart broken, and cheating on my girlfriend is something that I will never do. My girlfriend also believe in second chances as well. My girlfriend and I have a great relationship, and I will kontinue to have positive relationship with her.

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