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Re: Define spoilers please...

Dec 25, 2012

BRIT-KO wrote:

ne1atall wrote:

I have to jump in here. Not to answer but to ask a further question. Is there a statute of limitations on spoilers? For example if I just now started watching the Star Wars saga for the first time could I reasonably expect people not to give away important parts of the plot?

Lol, I think there must be some statute of limitations on this ne1, Star Wars was released on May 25th 1977, some 35 years ago, if someone hasn't seen that by now then they deserve to be spolit lol.

I'll only keep spoilers like that if I'm talking to one person I'm trying to convince to see Star Wars.


If I'm talking in a crowd or in open forum, I won't hesitate to drop spoilers under the assumption that if you haven't seen Star Wars in all these years you must have purposely avoided doing it.  There's nothing to spoil, as you have no intention to watch it ever.


For movies, I would say the statute of limitations is around a year after the movie becomes available on HBO or Showtime (not pay-per-view).  If it's a TV show, I'd say two years after it comes out on DVD, since so many people are always "two seasons behind".


There are so very many great shows today worthy of watching on DVD, it's hard to see them all.  How many people own the DVD's for:

True Blood?



Battlestar Galactica?

Doctor Who?

Game of Thrones?


Lots.  And since it becomes problematic trying to cram all those shows into a normal lifestyle, I extend the "spoilers" to about 2 years after the DVD is available.  The only problem with this is if I'm current on the show, that makes this particular DVD three seasons old.  I will have forgotten what all happened three years ago, or what so-and-so said that seemed so important at the time but ended up being a plotline dead end.


The rules change again if I'm posting online in a spoilery thread like the True Blood discussion thread.


This thread is constantly filled with spoilers, as it is assumed everyone is current on the show and discussing the latest episode.  The reader must enter this thread cautiously.  Instead of tap-dancing around spoilers, we discuss the events of the latest episode openly.  This opens up a whole new world where we get to speculate on what might happen next week.  I for one will slo-mo through the teaser for next week's episode and see if I can piece together anything of value.


So this thread exists beyond spoilers.  Instead of hiding the "big secret" of the last episode, we attempt to foretell where things are heading in upcoming episodes.  We live to see the future, not hide the past.  Many times the future changes from what we expect.  I'm still bummed out that Jason never became a were-panther.  Oh well.

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Re: Define spoilers please...

Dec 25, 2012
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Re: Define spoilers please...

Dec 26, 2012

I'm glad I jumped in after all.


Star Wars was an extreme example I admit but it got the point across.


Dr. Gadget gave the answer I was hoping for.


I started thinking about this beacuse a few weeks ago I was on here and Supernatural came up. I stated I fell behind and asked them not to reveal spoilers.


Then afterwards I wondered if I was unreasonable in my request. I'm not a season or two behind but a real fan wouldn't get more than an episode or two behind would they? So why limit conversation?


That's why I like Dr. Gadget's answer. Our schedules are becoming increasingly hectic and I guess I'm not the only one capable of falling behind. Especially when there are so many good shows to choose from. I'm behind on The Walking Dead too. Smiley Very Happy  In each instance it's only a few episodes not a whole season but I still don't want anything revealed.


Two seasons doesn't seem too unreasonable a statute of limitations. If someone specifically says they haven't seen a movie and that they intend to I don't think there should be a statute of limitations. If you're in a group and a 35 year old movie comes up I think you can speak freely without fear of spoilers unless someone in the group says they haven't seen it but intend to. In that case I think the burden of avoiding spoilers falls on them and they should remove themselves from the conversation. This would apply to the forums too.



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Re: Define spoilers please...

Dec 26, 2012

BRIT-KO wrote:

buckallmighty wrote:
Ok cool thank you. Are you a mod or a volunteer? If not do you know one that can give you a kudos for that to confirm it? Not saying i dont trust or believe your answer just saying i am looking to have this confirmed 100%. So i have no reason whatsoever to worry in the future. you understand im sure.

bronxsushi is not a Moderator & neither am I, Moderators can be identified on these Forum by their blue font & by the emblem next to their PSN ID on the far left, but bronxsushi's response & answer to you is correct.

You mean Red Font....


Blue is for the MVP's

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