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Re: Deadly shooting at Newtown, CT

Dec 22, 2012

They may take our guns, but they'll never take our



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Re: Deadly shooting at Newtown, CT

Dec 24, 2012

This is just messed up Smiley Indifferent


[Updated at 11:55 a.m. ET]  The shooter who killed two firefighters in upstate New York on Monday is dead, Webster Police Chief Gerald Pickering told reporters.


"The threat has been eliminated. The shooter is believed to be deceased at the scene," he said, adding that it appears the shooter set a trap for the firefighters.


[Updated at 9:48 a.m. ET] Two firefighters were killed when one or more shooters opened fire at the scene of house fire in upstate New York on Monday, police said.


[Posted at 8:39 a.m. ET] Firefighters who responded to a fire in Webster, New York, were shot at as they tried to put out flames that tore through a home, the town's fire marshal told CNN.


Gunfire erupted as firefighters responded to a call shortly before 6 a.m. Monday at a residence on Lake Road in the small town of Webster, Fire Marshal Rob Boutillier said. Webster is about 15 miles east of Rochester, New York, near Lake Ontario.


Two firefighters from the scene are now being treated at a hospital in Rochester, according to Strong Memorial Hospital public relations director Terry D'Agostino.


Boutillier said one of the firefighters was in satisfactory condition.


He also said the fire has spread to a second house in the neighborhood. Firefighters are currently not fighting the active fire, according to Boutillier, because of the gunfire.




So the shooter commits arson to lure in firefighters so he can open fire on them?  The hell is wrong with people?

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Re: Deadly shooting at Newtown, CT

Dec 24, 2012

@slash i dont know, thats some worst stuff i ever seen or heard.  Sometime when your in a fire and in the smoke like that  you lose your mind.  Thats might what may have happened. I have seen cases where   poeple locked the door on fire figther in house  fire, they wont meaning to do it. they just lost theyre minds


 But I think they should make  every gun owner registerd guns  every  month to city and  the state. So   police would know and  etc this person  has a gun in the house or owns a weapon.  Blind faith is just not working anymore times  have changed.


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Re: Deadly shooting at Newtown, CT

Dec 25, 2012
why not the kids ragequit like i do in uncharted, i never die then
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