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Re: Cthulhu is real????? Epic Thread

Jan 8, 2013

moblesuit75 wrote:

BigBrotherKaz wrote:




 Gangnum Style...


I get it now.  It all makes sense to me.


Somebody let these fellas know a couple of things:


1.  Have some Pecks or at least some Abs before you take your shirt off for a picture.  At least get through puberty.


2. One gun?  Do they have to share the gun?  Does one carry the bullets, one the gun, one the magazine, and the other two give moral support?


As a side note, is that the post for a velvet rope in his hand?  Also, does the guy on the far left realize his buddy is pointing that gun right at him?


They need to do the following:

Get P90X or Insanity

Go to the gun store and get 4 more guns

Stop holding up the line outside the club.  Us regular joes just want to DANCE!






I almost forgot about the boy in the briefs on the right.  Not that I was looking, but BAD DECISION BUDDY, very bad.Smiley LOL



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