Dec 25 2013
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Can 2 accounts support the same 1 year PS+ membership? (Both from different countries)

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Basically the title says it, I have the free 14 days(9 days left) on my UAE account and had to make a USA one to redeem the Voucher, after making the US account Primary using '' ACtivate As primary PS4 '' Does that include my UAE account to work on PS+ for 1 year alongside the US one?
The voucher redeemed perfectly and Is working but in the '' services'' on my UAE account it doesn't show the 1 year Sbuscription but only the Free 14 one.
Thank you guys for your answers.
please help me fix this as i cannot use the US account, the UAE one has my entire life/Credit card/ 33$ in cash/ BF4 premium and MANY other things i simply cannot get rid off and cannot afford another PS+.

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