Jun 15 2013
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Bring words like "classic" "competitive" and "addictive" back to the gaming industry

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A Next-Gen s2 Game Pc & PS4


1. Lean, no cover system.
2. Lobbies
3. Third person & first person view options
4. No sprint button
5. Maps designed around one game mode
6. Round based is primary focus, there will also be respawn options
7. Features like jump-to-climb & encumbrance will be decided by the community - "the community will be part of the dev team."
8. Plans to develop what S1 & S2 should have become years down the road
9. PC build will lead to a PS4 launch
10. Robust clan and clan war options well beyond previous SOCOMs, including clan bios and profiles
11. Victory dances and custom taunts
12. Escort, Suppression, and Breach under different names
13. Urban, desert, and jungle map enviroments
14. User Created Rooms including private invitation only rooms with savable presets
15. Customize tag, bio, and in-game patches
16. Mobile app to manage clan activities and communications
17. After action reports on performance and tactics as a team after each game
18. Side arms, machine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles and grenades will be in the game.
19. US Special Forces vs terrorists
20. Single player uses advanced enemy AI.
21. Never before told stories from retired special forces operators all set in locations where terrorist were or are active
22. No drivable vehicles in the game and focus is on the “men on the ground".


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PS4 Version Details:


Similarities & Differences to Socom II:

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that guy isnt shaving his beard huh?

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