Mar 05 2014
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Borderlands 2 World Traveler Trophy/Achievement guide

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So if you are like me, and you just got borderlands 2 from ps plus, AND you sometimes go for some trophies, you might be having loads of difficulties with the World Traveler Trophy. This is a guide on how to get this for dummies. So first of all, if you can get all of the explorer (arctic, blight, highlands, urban) achievements, this will help you very much. If you already have these trophies, that means that all the areas are checked off your to-do list. Also, do every single side quest. So with all that in mind, now we must focus all of our attention on Windshear Waste (sorry if I misspell any of this) southern shelf, the bay at southern shelf, caustic caverns, the dust, holy spirits, the fridge, ore chasm, Heroes Pass, finks slaughter house, bloodshot strong hold, southpaw steam and power, (this is the place that took up hours of my time, make sure you walk all around in this small map) friendship gulag, and end of the line (I believe I got all the vital areas). These are the places that have sneaky little areas that will mess up this trophy easily for you. So, we must also keep in mind while doing this, that one must fill in the entire map to get the trophy. There can be no shaded great areas that are just globs of dark patches on the minimap. With this in mind, after going to each location make sure the whole map is filled in with border lines and what not. I know that commonly missed locations are in the dust and southern shelf bay. Now the main reason I'm posting this is because what I'm about to reveal to you is no where else on the web. In south Paw Steam and Power, it is possible to do all the quests, but still miss a map fill in here. I've never seen a vid telling me to go to this location and check, but if anyone reading this is serious about getting this trophy he/she will go there and check around south paw steam and power.This is where I found my blank spot on my map. So check there!! I hope this helps someone, and I know I probably posted this in the wrong place but now it's on the internet at least. I believe this will help people. Happy trophy hunting everybody!!
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