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Re: Aww.. man :(

Jan 22, 2007

Aowen wrote:

Magnet07 wrote:
your disappointed about 76 and 71... i would be glad to have those for a few of my classes, i got 47 in english, 57 or 59 in biology, sciecne, and cdn history... the only class im actually doing good in is math with 88.7

I would be dissppointed to get an 89 in mathSmiley Very Happy

You phail at school...try harder dude...American school is soo soo soo easy....last year...straight A's, and two quarters straight A+'s...Now I live in Switzerland, and have to go to a really expensive international school...smuch harder...but I still get almost straight A's....

i don't try... i never do homework or study, i either smoke some pot or play guitar instead... i actually do good on everything i pass in its just that i don't really pass anything in
note: im canadian if it matters

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