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Re: Anybody got any Runescape accounts that they don't play o...

Nov 19, 2006

the_flame_alchemist wrote:
So true.

madhive wrote:

1up_Dude wrote:
You are a total moron.  Whats your name in RuneScape?

Retarded N00b!

If anybody's a noob, it's you. A noob at life!!!
Got some ice for that burn!?!??!?!

So, is there proof? Have you met him in person?

Retarded N00b!

Okay, this thread is out of control.  Any admins who read this please lock it if you see my point.

1)He is using this to cheat at a game.
2)They are dissing people for no good reason.
3)BTW these guys are the real noobs.  They have nothing better to do than cheat and make fun of people (poorly at that)
Think before you act. It will save me the effort of correcting you.
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