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Jan 30 2013
By: AlphaSixInsight Splicer 76 posts

Any PS3/Vita'ers wanna' iMessage?

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I got my iPhone 5 on my birthday a couple of days ago, so I'm wondering if you guys would be willing to share your iMessage e-mail addresses and share some conversation.

Quick bio: I'm a 22 year old student, hobbies of fanfiction writing, photography, soccer, and of course, gaming.

I would want those comfortable enough to share their email addresses to take up some pro cations. I STRONGLY recommend you set up your E-MAIL address as your "SEND AND RECEIVE" default. Under "Start New Conversations From"

It is harder to replace your phone number than your email address.

NOTE: PLEASE MAKE SURE TO USE A SECONDARY E-Mail ADDRESS! As there are a lot of **bleep** out there who will Frak with you!

Hopefully this works. Reply with your iMessage e-mail and good luck!

alphasixinsight @ gmail. com
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Re: Any PS3/Vita'ers wanna' iMessage?

Jan 31, 2013
Oops my email is back up.

I accidentally disabled it.
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