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Mar 18 2007
By: #5Bears~ I Only Post Everything 1259 posts

Alcohol and Ethanol fueled vehicles

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Why haven’t we had a vehicle mass produced that can run strictly off of ethanol or alcohol?  I know there are flexible fuel vehicles that can use a mixture of gasoline and ethanol, but it seems like we should have a vehicle developed by now that can run off of a renewable resource such as alcohol.  While there are bio-diesel vehicles,  but I don’t believe that is near practical enough for mainstream America.  Am I the only person thinking about this issue?  Because it seems like since gas is $3 a gallon it would make more sense to buy a slightly more expensive vehicle and then, when the new forms of fuel are in higher demand it would help our economy, so farmers would now be able to make a better living, it would lessen our dependency on foreign fuel, and I believe in time the new forms of fuel would soon be much more affordable then gasoline.
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Lombax Warrior
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Re: Alcohol and Ethanol fueled vehicles

Mar 18, 2007
because all of that is still in development, testing still needs to be done.
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