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Re: 360's Backwards Compatibility updated

Dec 15, 2006

Xoolio wrote:

JDplasma11 wrote:

Xoolio wrote:
Yeah, Family Guy, Shark Tale, Evil Dead, Xialon Showdown and Spongebob are important games to play.

They are to the people that bought them.

Psychonauts is for me, DA is, Pariah is... people were ocmplaining about MS and wanted all games BC. now, they're trying to do that and people are saying it's a waste of time.

Those games are fine and dandy but Microsoft should focus on the GOOD ones. The ones I listed should be added a long time from now, they're a waste.

Why would MS pick to put out less popular games? Think about it. It has to do with the fact that some games are easier to get working on the 360 than others
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