Aug 26 2013
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Uncharted 4 and U1 > U2 > U3

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The Last of Us is a really great game indeed. And so was Uncharted 3, but I was still a bit dissapointed about it... I mean, it overpowered the previous games in mechanics and graphics but it totally lacked what made the first game so awesome.


It would be great if Naughty Dog took the feel from the first game and applied the mechanics to it and put in a new story and treasure. The feeling of being stranded on a godforsaken island, the pirates, the supernatural spains and the entire mysticue about the place! Common guys, was I the only one who lost my breath when reaching the "Sanctuary?" chapter with the great soundtrack and spooky cathedral? I cant be the only one who found this more entertaining than "Atlantis of the Sands".


What do you guys say about it? Lemme hear an oppinion! Smiley Happy

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Re: Uncharted 4 and U1 > U2 > U3

Aug 28, 2013

right on man i know that is a link to somethig i posted on what i thank U4 shold be like

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This is one of the best videos ever, watch it
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Re: Uncharted 4 and U1 > U2 > U3

Aug 29, 2013

That's my opinion of the series

What a wasteland it's become
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