Oct 07 2012
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Stuff ti improve

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Dear Naughty Dog

I really love Uncharted but I would really appreciate it if you would add some changes to the muultiplayer game

1. Blindfiring

I think it's kind of ridiculous that you can do morde damage in U3 with blindfiring than with accurate firing

Pls fixe that issue

I mean I don't mean to insult nobody but htere are just to many people who equip kal long gun with weapon expert blindfire accurazy and rate of fire

they fire like 1 second and you are dead

I mean I like the idea of the stopping power you added but sometimes it doesn't really work

and they knock you out from some weird distcance

Please look fix the range at wich you can melee your opponent

it would be best if you stood right next to him not like 3 meters away!!!!!


And pls ND do smth about the treasureset


I've been playin hardcore like forever to get the skimask

but yet i only got 2 othet treasures i dont really need

I mean most of the time i get the just cash treasure

pls remove that

i mean it's kind of annoying when you hope to get a treasure you want and then it's just cash

Furthermore it would be best if you coul only receive treasures you don't have and not get treasures you already have like over and over again


Please ND make a new mode

something like a clan mode and limit the maximum of party members in Team deathmacht

I mean it happens quite often that I#m face with a lobby where there are like 5 prestige 5 players wo have the same clan tag and are obviously a team

it sucks because all 5 of them attack you at the same time and then u are done for

But if these ppl have like an extra mode they wouldn't have to bother random players in TD


Last but not least please ND fix the microphone issue

Every time when a game starts I have to mute the other players again

It's annoying that I have to do that all the time

Futhermore it's kind of unsettling that players don't have to mute me if they don't want to

so they can listen to all the strategies I#m discussin with my wingman and they can react properly

Please introduce something like partymember only talking or stuff like that

Thats all thx Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Stuff ti improve

Oct 9, 2012

As much as we'd all love stuff to happen, ND seriously dont care for opinions or recommendations, trust me. Smiley Sad


People beg for months for certain things and dont as much as even get a response or hint.

Give us new ranks! No? Ok. Smiley Sad


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Re: Stuff ti improve

Oct 10, 2012

they won't just remove a booster because some person doesn't like it. i know lots of people that use revenge eventhough i dont like it

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