Aug 19 2012
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Change it

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Okay, first off the Uncharted series are awesome. The different stories you guys came up with and the idea itself was genious. However, I am upset at the fact with the Uncharted 3 multiplayer gameplay. What Naughtydog HAD was original. Before a match started their was a cut-scene of a villian throwing a torch at the top of the manison and starting it on fire while the heros are running up to the mansion. Naughtydog created something that no other game had created before, I know that the public is the reason why they were complaining about the whole get rid of the cut-scene idea because they wanted to jump into the game right away but it made it even more intense, not only did it make it more intense but it changed the Uncharted 2 gameplay as well. On the second game it jumped into the game but since this is the newest game you guys created, your pretty much making it the same as Uncharted 2. Im not only talking about bringing back the cut-scenes, im also talking about the guns. When the Beta was released the game was perfect except for those little glitches of course. To many people complained about how the guns were to high but in reality they are just so used to Call Of Duty. Uncharted is not Call Of Duty, Uncharted is Uncharted and I think thats what people compare Uncharted to, and if they compare it to Call of Duty, their gonna want it to be like Call Of Duty.

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Re: Change it

Aug 20, 2012

Yeah I really liked that and, on the airport map, if you won you'd lock away the opposing team. Any-who, I'd really love to see friendly grenade damage taken away atleast on the plunder game-type. I was about to get the the treasure, then a teammate, wanting to get it herself, threw a grenade at the box right before i got it in, and killed me. Didn't mean to be so much of a bother but that really frustrated me.

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