Mar 03 2013
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Can't Level Up/ Gain money In FTP U3

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I have a unique situation that I need help with.

I partook in the summer and fall subway beta for U3 and in the subway beta it said all the stuff you acquired in that beta will transfer to the full game. I was the max beta level (35) but I never bought the full game. I did however borrow the game from my friend a few weeks back and beat the single player, but because the game was used I didn't play the MP. But now when I play the FTP U3 client I'm still lvl 35 with the paw on the number, but I never owned the full mp for the game so I don't know why I have the red paw next to my name. I also didn't pay to the break the lvl cap but im still a lvl 35. Now I can't gain xp or make any money. Please help. I have a feeling I ripped off Naughty Dog by breaking the lvl cap accidentally without paying for it. If any one can help me it would be super greatly appreciated.


thanks in advance


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Re: Can't Level Up/ Gain money In FTP U3

Mar 24, 2013

No you haven't. You leveld above the level cap legite, by playing the beta. Their not gonna decrease your level, and since you cant level up, or earn cash, their masterful plan still works.

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