Dec 30 2013
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NFS Most wanted | One Last Speed Camera

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Myself and a friend have all but one speed camera. I have seen other people stating the same thing. Is there one camera that is not obvious? wondering if this is common. I also noticed on youtube someone posted the map with all the camera and you can compare. Will attempt this once I get home.

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Re: NFS Most wanted | One Last Speed Camera

Jan 10, 2013

Trigger every Speed Camera

Speed Cameras are placed on the roads of the city, simply speed past them in order to set them off and they will be added to the list. You should trigger most of the speed cameras by the time you complete the most wanted list, any that you have missed can be found below. There are a total of 66 speed cameras.

To check which Speed cameras you have already been caught on, press to bring up the map and then or to toggle through until you reach the Speed cameras.

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