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Jul 04 2012
By: Cmckinney94 First Son 1 posts

Hot Pursuit Photo Download.

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Hello everyone I have Hot Pursuit on the PS3 and I want to know how do you download or export photos from the Autolog storage or something like that. I've been looking everywhere for how to do it and all I can find is how to share and post photos to your autolog wall, but not how to export or download the photos to your hard drive. I looked at the criterion FAQ and It says to log on to need for speed site, but I can't find anywhere that shows my storage of photos on the site. 


Thank you :smileyhappy:


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First Son
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Re: Hot Pursuit Photo Download.

Sep 15, 2012

I have the same problem, I dont know how to really "share" my photos of NFS-HP.

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