Dec 17 2012
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Sony Active 3D glasses vs Playstation 3D glasses (Help)

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 So I just ordered a new 3D TV off of Sony's website. It's supposed to come with four 3D Active glasses, but I'm afraid they won't be good enough for me. I use my TV primarily for gaming and it's rare that I watch movies on it. 


I just want to know if there are any real advantages the Playstation 3D glasses has over the normal Active 3D. The visual quality is my top concern. Can any 3D TV owners here help me decide if I should get the PS 3D glasses?


Edit: I tried looking for comparisons, but couldn't find any.



I know this is probably silly, but I just want to know I have the right stuff when my TV arrives! Here are the 3 choices I'm looking at.


Click on these babies!


3D Active glasses (coming with TV)


Playstation 3D glasses



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