Oct 15 2012
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Seven Psychopaths

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Me and three of my buddies and (unfortunately) one of my friend's girlfriend went and saw Seven Psychopaths this weekend. The previews looked funny, it had good reviews, and most of all Olga Kurylenko was in it. It was about 45 minutes into the movie, and I realized that I hadn't laughed one time. Olga Kurylenko was in the movie for 4 minutes tops. The movie was not funny. None of us liked it and I would not recommend it. The previews made me believe it was gonna be an American version of Guy Richie's "Snatch"

I was wrong. I don't recommend you see it. If you have seen it, what did you think of it? If not, then don't. If you wanna see a good movie, watch End of Watch.
Naughtydog, you must bring back Charlie Cutter in Uncharted 4.
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