Dec 11 2012
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Secret Symbols in PSN Comments

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i recently figured out how to create secret symbols in the psn comments, it's been out there for some time now, but i haven't seen anyone use them until recently, so i did some digging


for basic symbols and shapes like circles, squares, music note... change the language of your ps3 (System settings (the cube) -> System language) to the first language with asian characteristics (4th from the bottom) then go back in the comment box and open the symbol box (above the up button (in a yellow box)) click on the 2nd symbol on the top row then you'll see a whole bunch of symols appear in the recommendation box on the right (you might have to make sure your comment is blank if they don't appear)


for the swastika select the 3rd language with asian characteristics and then type 'w' you will see w[(this spot will be blank and blue with square brackets)] then in the recommendation box, scroll down until you find the swastika also this keyboard has a different version of the question mark (wider and taller)


i saw someone with a copyright symbol, but i don't know how to do that, does anyone know how to do it or any other symbols that i haven't mentioned that aren't in the english keyboard?

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