Nov 18 2013
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Save A Life: Amazingly talented Naughty Dog replica creator needs our help

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If you can't donate, then please just leave a message for David here, he checks this thread.
It will also help keep this thread on top so other people can more easily see it, bringing in more donations. You can help without donating!


David Vigil, otherwise known as "That Vigilante" is suffering from Stage 2 Pancreatic cancer. Last year, David was also fighting for his life because of cancer, but with the help of some very generous people and the massive spread of word on twitter and such, enough money was raised to save him. Unfortunately, during a simple check-up, they found out that the cancer has spread and David is now in an even worse state than before.If David wants to get treated, he needs $48,000 before November 18th, which is a hell of a goal.

The guys and gals at Naughty Dog helped him tremedously last year through twitter (I remember Amy Hennig frantically rallying everyone to donate, and personally thanking everyone who did). His name also appears in the Last of Us in the form of a collectible Firefly pendant, in case his name rings a bell.

David makes amazing collectible merchandise inspired by Naughty Dog games and his work has been featured on Kotaku, among other sites. He's made multiple watches from Uncharted (did you know Drake wears a different one in each game?), Drake's leather gun holster, his belt buckle, Ellie and Joel's backpacks, a Clicker pencil holder, and more.

Some examples of his work:


It would be such a shame if this world would lose a talent like David.

If you have some money to spare and want to help, you can go to:

- His GoFundMe Page and donate, or
- Go to his Websiteand order any of his products (all the money will go directly towards funding David's treatment) as he has them in stock and can be shipped starting January.

Donations on the GoFundMe page can be made with creditcard or bank. You can also donate with Paypal by donating through the website, choosing the "Donation for David" product!


Let's help this guy see Naughty Dog's first next-gen game, guys. It would break my heart if he didn't live to see it Smiley Sad. I don't know a bigger ND fan than David.

Thanks for your time! And if you can't donate, please keep him in your prayers.


Come on GAF, let's do this!

Sites that have reported on this so far:
Hardcore GamerPlayer Effort, N4G, Also, please mail and tweet editors from gaming outlets that you know can help! Use This post to get a template for your emails.


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Re: Save A Life: Amazingly talented Naughty Dog replica creator needs our help

Nov 19, 2013

Aww man, that's a raw deal. I'm really sorry to hear he's going through this again. I really hope he gets what he needs to get better.

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