May 08 2013
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uncharted games

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Hi f0irst let me say what a huge fan of your games i am fron crash bandicoot to uncharted. However my problem is with the latest uncharted game drakes deception. In first uncharted you earned points wich unlocked new weapons you could use once you beat the game and other rewards for different point levels it really enhanced replay value and increased overall fun at that point i couldnt see how you could improve on something that was almost already perfect. Then uncharted 2 came out and everything was better the graphics the gameplay you rewarded us for playing and beating first game and improved the rewards system with a store where we could buy what we wanted it was perfect then i heard about 3i was so excited and while the game was still good you took out everything i loved about the game no rewards for playing previous games no rewards for better weapons and infinite ammo it feels like yall just forgot about the singleplayer in favor of this multiplayer crap if something aint broke dont fix it i still have uncharted 1 and 2 but i wont play 3 ever again i just felt cheated and let down and i know your a big company and my opinion doesnt matter that much to yall just needed to be said and again thanks for making all the great games

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