Jun 21 2013
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Why don't you guys have an online store?!

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So I went out and bought a PS3 (xbox player hhehe) just for this game and OMG was it worth it. Easily, and I mean EASILY the single greatest game I've ever played. I've never played a game that I didn't want to finish, ever, except for this game. It's also the only game that I've actually shed a couple of tears whilst playing. Great job ND. Seriously.


Now that I'm done though, I want to further funnel my money towards the company responsible for this masterpiece by buying some merchandise (posters, t-shirts, backpacks ect), but can't because an online store doesn't exist. I don't know if Naughty Dog or Sony are behind this, but come on guys. 


I want to buy some TLO merch so bad


Naughty Dog pls....

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