Feb 09 2013
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While I am waiting....

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Can anyone recommend games similar to the Uncharted series? I really like the combination of movie sequences, story telling, puzzles, shooting and overall adventure. I love the relationships and humour banter. I have played all three games multiple times and need something to tide me over until The Last of Us comes out....

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Re: While I am waiting....

Feb 9, 2013

One game that comes to mind is Heavy Rain. There are puzzles, intense cinematic moments, love and struggle, a mystery to solve, and even some shooting. Though, the game is not set in the same way as the Uncharted series is.


Other games to suggest would be that of the God of War series, Ratchet and Clank series, Heavenly Sword, or even the Tomb Raider saga. Uncharted itself mixes Tomb Raider-esque gameplay with that of Gears of War's cover system. With the new Tomb Raider reboot coming soon, maybe it's time to get enTombed in Lara's latest?

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