Sep 28 2013
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What happen Naughty Dog!?!

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            Multiplayer debut and epic couldn't describe the words necessary to describe this game. Then the patch releases and the world losses its ******* mind. Now the game drops at random times, kicking you from a match for no reason. Start up throws you into a match half finished on the losing team because the last players quit but after it drops you in no more players get sent in to the historic 17-0 loss in supply raid. Nail bats have become magical unicorns of a post apocalyptic world, where characters can cover five to six strides in one swing but connecting has become a game of chance. Molotovs once were the absolute death of all and now can be brushed off with little work or a bullet proof vest (which last time I wore one was barely flame retardant, not fire-proof). Sniper rifles have again dominated a once promising game with over powered head shots after you have successfully retreated to cover and bullets magically pierce any obstacle in its path. While I will forever stand behind the single player experience and its ability to draw one incredible story, I will out right say ND you screwed the pooch on the multiplayer. Only in America can you turn gold in to **** with the best intentions.


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