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What do you want in Uncharted 4 eventually down the road?

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I want more variety of guns.

(Keep it simplified on attachments. Better not see rapid fire, accuracy and blind fire accuracy show up as options. Though I wouldn't mind more ammo, faster reloading, silencers, different gun camo, reticles, scopes and decals.)


Gun Damage:

The way it is now in UC3 with the high health is perfect where it is now.

(Don't pull another UC2 1.05 on us again with the lower health.)


Bigger Maps:

There's a lot of maps that are close quarted but I want more maps like London Streets, High Rise, Sanctuary, etc. that are more long range.


Map Customization:

I want a Forge like Mode where I can create my own maps and have people play on them.


More Game Modes:


-Gun Game.

(Cycle through all of the weapons. First one to complete all of the guns wins.)



(Someone is the zombie and the person tagged becomes a zombie until everyone is either infected or dead.)


-Treasure Seeker:

(I thought it would be a cool mode if a random treasure would spawn on the map that everyone has to try and capture. Once that treasure is captured you gain a weapon [pistol]. Though once you capture that treasure you lose all of your grenades, you get half health but your the one with the gun. Everyone starts off with a machete and 2 grenades. The person with the gun has to stop everyone from killing them. Once that player dies then the treasure respawns and the match restarts again. Think it as an advanced mode of Elimination.)



(Be creative.)


Co Op Options:

I want more Co Op modes and can you please give us the option to play the other Co Op modes separately like it was in UC2.

UC3 Co Op was challenging but I want the option to play modes individually.

ex.) Survival, Siege, Gold Rush, Shade Survival, Zombie Survival, Co Op Adventure, etc.

(I'd like more Co Op modes and have the options to play them individually.)


Single Player:

Please take your time on the single player and please more challenging boss fights.


Split Screen Single Player?

That would be cool.


Legacy Medals:

Give us up to 10 Legacy Medals and give us something more then just negative boosters like custom character skins, custom weapons and so forth.

(I was not a fan of the treasure sets. Don't have the time of day to collect them.)


Give us something cool for getting the Platinum trophy.

(UC2 Platinum unlocked Marco Polo skeleton skin.)


Character Customization:

Continue to add on to it.

I'd also like it if all options were available to add different pieces between custom, villian and hero skins.

None of this oh this is only available for this character b.s.


Give me dedicated servers and regional matchmaking.

(Seriously I'm sick of playing against laggers and people that don't speak English.)



Anybody else have any ideas for Uncharted 4?













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Re: What do you want in Uncharted 4 eventually down the road?

Sep 8, 2012


in mp make the grenade throwback a button other than triangle, so I don't fumble around picking up random weapons. L2 would work as well as R2.

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