Jun 12 2013
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Voting Discussion on Old and Future Tournament Rewards.

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Tournament Rewards,"What if...":


Don't you guys ever wonder about the tournament rewards on uncharted sometimes?


1: "How come i can't keep this prize?"

2:"Why is it only one week only?"

3:"How come ND doesn't allow this prize as a treasure set or purchasable item?"


If you have more questions or concerns about "What If..." send them to me or reply here and i'll make a post about them, Because alot of people like to be heard on Q&A's they have about the In-Game items.



Voting Discussion:


I would like to propose the idea of keeping certain tournament reward items as purchasable downloadable content.


1:"Since it's old why not bring it back?"

2:"I like this prize alot... Too bad i can't keep this.."

3:"If i could buy this i would"


So as for this section of the forum post, I would like to discuss In-Game items as things that people would enjoy in the game.


Drake Revolution Shirt & Weapons (Current Tournament Rewards)

Shade Torso Items(Old)

Shade Head Items(Old)

Holiday Items(Old)


Im sure there are alot of other things im sure you all would like come back from the past, just post ideas here and start a voting thread.


Happy Summer! Hope you all enjoy.

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