Mar 22 2013
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Uncharted 3 online Help

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Hi all.

First of all excuse for my English is not very good
Turns out I bought the uncharted 3 Goty on psn for 35 euros, (I broke my record uncharted 3 and why I bought back), which had before my levels and everything.
Well, download the game, the multiplayer pack, the pack unlimited multiplayer level, map packs and such, when I go to my level online if you saved it but when I play level up and make money, is as locked , like the free version.
Not if I explain well.
I tried to back my pass download my previous online game if that and nothing that I can not level up or earn money.
I deleted the game data and have returned to download again, no install or download the multiplayer game just what it says, but to install the game I get not only saved data is installed and I have the option to play.
It is not to do or to follow installation order if I am failing at something,
anyone could help me?
These are the files I have in download case someone comes up with the way to install or something:
-Uncharted 3 single player (PSN game)
-Uncharted 3 multiplayer (PSN game)
2D-3D movies and movies (I have not downloaded these)
-Map Pack
Shadow-cooperative survival mode
Strong co-Adventure
-Split screen multiplayer
-Multiplayer with level 25 limit
Unlimited-competitive multiplayer
-Items List sand and cooperative venture.



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