Jan 25 2013
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Uncharted 3 Loading issues >:(

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Hey there.

I've been having this problem since yesterday. So yesterday when i decided to pop in my U3 disc, it was stuck on the loading screen with the spinning ring. I thought ok maybe i just need to re-start my ps3. So when i pressed the PS button to quit the game, my ps3 froze and gave a black screen. My ps3 wouldn't turn off when i pressed the button, but i could press the button to eject the disc. So after ejecting the disc i had to pull out the plug from the wall for it to turn off. 

So i decided to try it a second time. And again the loading screen was there. I left it to load for about half an hour and i was like screw this it's not working. So i searched up on google and apparently this is a widespread problem for many people. I've tried different ways of trying to get the game to load.

Deleting the game data utility, not downloading the patch, playing another game for a bit then putting the u3 disc back in but nothing works.

How the heck do i fix this problem? All my other games work perfectly fine in my ps3.
I had popped the disc into my fat ps3 and it worked the first time. But when i ejected it and later put it back in to play again, it did the loading screen once again.

Any solutions are greatly appreciated.

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Re: Uncharted 3 Loading issues >:(

Jan 26, 2013
very similiar problem here. anyone please help ; (
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