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Uncharted 3 - Loading Weird Problem

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Hi. At start I want to say that I'm hoping that my message will be clearly enough to read. My native isn't english Smiley Wink


So I'm at the chapter 17 when Drake and Elena sneaks at the airport. I'm at the very beggining of this chapter. So when I turned on the game and get cotinue with the game, game loads very quickly, then I thought "that's cool" but after a while I was frustated. After a while I recognized that no all sounds are in game (sound loading problem I think). I could get through to the moment that Drake open a door locked by three padlocks. Then a car came from nowhere with no people inside. As I know that game I thought is going to be shooting moment. But nothing happened. After a while I came out from a hangar and move out to the gate. Then I saw NO GROUND. No textures at all in a front of me. Just like game didn't load more than a half of map and sequences. 

I restarted a console. After pushing a conitune button I saw a "loading ring" so I thought is okay. But after about 10 sec music from menu stops and the ring is spinning and spinning and spininng...

I cleared up a disk with a tissue. Nothing, so it's not a disk problem. After a few tries and no success to load I decided to play chapter back (16th on the pirate ship) and after that play next chapter. Same thing with no textures and sounds.

I deleted game files (but not saves) but that didn't help either (but something strange happened, after I deleted those files and run the game, nothing happens. I mean no install screen, no patch dowloading only loading, naughty dog logo, main menu and that same loading issues. So maybe I'm doing something wrong? please advice)

After that I've played battlefield 3 via disc and everything was okay. So it's not laser either.


Now some tech info.

PS 3 Slim with soft ver. 4.31

Uncharted 3 Polish version ( I don't know what version is installed now cause of that no patch downloads but I was dowloaded newest patches at the first time)

Internet connection via WIFI.

UC Disk with no scratches, dirts etc.


I hope that you'll understand me and find a way to solve my problem. Please for advice. Thanks Smiley Wink  

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Re: Uncharted 3 - Loading Weird Problem

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Re: Uncharted 3 - Loading Weird Problem

Jul 31, 2014
Bro, i am also having same issue in chapter 10. When i follow talbot into the building a cutscene starts where talbot punches and throws me out of the window. There was no voice in that cutscene even though they were moving lips.
After that fighting begins with no voice again. Only punches and other things can be heard. Texture in that moment was very bad. I completed the fight and followed sully and elena with no voice and suddenly NO GROUND. i fell down and infinite loading starts. Quiting game results restarting ps3 with 3 beeps. I tried restarting ch.10 with patch 1.19 also without it. No change. I request Naughty Dog to fix this or atleast acknowledge it to fix it later.

@aodsto- I found your post a year later, have you found any solution ?
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