Oct 30 2012
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Uncharted 3 GOTY edition is a broken single player game

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Last week I traded in my nearly one year old copy of Uncharted 3 and purchased the Game of the Year edition(North American version), I believe there is something inherently wrong with this rereleased version. Compared to my standard Uncharted 3 copy, the GOTY edition suffers from prevelant audio glitches, screen tearing, sporadic slowdown, and certain levels that cannot be completed because progression is halted at key points. I have two examples: Chapter 19 and chapter 20 of the campaign both contain instances of gamebreaking bugs that were not present in the game of the original Uncharted 3 disc. Once Nathan is about to meet Salim in the abandoned desert village, Salim and his horse stop and gallop in one spot perpetually. I reloaded the checkpoint a dozen times, and even replayed the level completely and it still occurred. In chapter 20, all of the trucks explode chaotically when you just start to confront the convoy! I've tried this level over and over again and it replicates this bizarre result every time. I deleted my save file and started a new game, and guess what? I play chapter 2, "Small Beginnings", and the audio is abysmally out of sync. At the end of each recorded character statement I will hear this irritating screeching noise. Right now I'm playing chapter 6 and I'm just waiting to encounter yet another bug that will degrade the game even further. Please Naughty Dog, remedy this. Uncharted 3 was my favorite game of 2011, I don't want to have to own two copies of the game just to have a unified experience that should have been included in the GOTY editon in the first place. Not to mention the fact that the game stutters momentarily in both the campaign and menus, when this happens it briefly freezes everything(music, framerate etc)  I don't understand why I'm being punished for buying the complete version of a game I had already owned!


Edit: Certain music cues also come in a few seconds late in the GOTY edition. The lip syncing during the in-game cutscenes is so abysmally delayed! The character will be mute when it shows they're speaking and then the dialogue follows a few seconds late every time. I just wish someone would acknowledge this! I've spent plenty of money on Naughty Dog products, about $100 dollars on Uncharted 3 alone now, and I end up with a broken game that's supposed to be the 'complete and definitive version'? This is nothing short of asinine.

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Re: Uncharted 3 GOTY edition is a broken single player game

Dec 20, 2012

Im getting the same problem in the desert town.any ideas?

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