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UPDATED WITH ANSWERS** Q&A with the Naughty Dog Development Team: July Edition **

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Welcome to the July Edition of this monthly Q&A thread.


If you have some questions that you would like to ask Naughty Dog then here is your opportunity to ask them!


Up until about the 10th of July you will be able to post your questions about The Last of Us or Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception here in this thread. Usually 10 questions from this thread will be selected and answered by the Naughty Dog Development Team.


Once the replies are ready they will be posted in this thread for your perusal. What would you like to ask Naughty Dog this month?


If your reply contains more than one question or if you post multiple replies in a row then Naughty Dog may ignore your questions.




"What was the hardest part of The Last of Us to write?" - I-Like-Pie45


Can we say all of it? It’s a long, deeply creative process and it’s difficult to pinpoint one point. Neil has mentioned a few times that getting the dialogue just right so it’s real and authentic to the characters is most crucial part. 

"BIG QUESTION: What's up with Savage Starlight? " – FredFai


It’s a new…new! It’s a thing! Well, we’re not sure yet. We’re working with Dark Horse to see what’s possible. It might never amount to anything but keep it bookmarked. 

"Besides map packs and a single player campaign, what other DLC is brewing for The Last of Us?" – KarateChampChad


We are hard at work on fleshing out exactly what our DLC will be. We had said the season pass will contain two multiplayer focused drops of DLC with one drop being maps. Our goal, as always, is to keep our multiplayer community active and engaged. 

"How did you decide to create The Last of Us? What inspired you to make such a game, and not another? Was the story at the beginning of the production anyway different than how it ended up in the final project? If yes what changed?" – HPVale


It was a confluence of a lot of different events and a natural result of the creative process that led to The Last of Us. We had explored making Jak and Daxter 4 at one point but it didn’t make sense. Watch our documentary – Grounded: The Making of The Last of Us – for the clearest idea of what the entire production was and is. 

"My question: Will we see theater/cinema mode, if not, why not?" - MuddledMuppet


We won’t be able to put this into Factions due to technical reasons.

"How long will support for the TLOU MP last and what can we expect to see in the next patch?" – khknight


As long as a healthy number of people are playing Factions we will continue to support it. The next patch will be coming before the end of the month or early next. We’re tweaking and testing and seeing what can be done. 

"Can we get a co-op game against the infected type survival mode?" - mark9816789


We are working on potential ideas for new modes and gameplay types but we’re not sure what we’ll be making or how the Infected will factor into it yet. A Co-Op game type is definitely something that’s on the table.


"Do you have any plans for special events besides parts conversion boosts? Will we be seeing the return of the Lab in some way (the game is a port of Uncharted, so it can't be completely out of the question)? Will we see developer game nights possibly announced on the blog or developers joining in on Naughty Paws (the community game nights) more often?" - Da_Almighty_Guy


This is really three questions rolled into one topic –we’ll cover all bases by saying straight up that yes, we do plan to explore the possibilities of all these things. We will hold more special events for certain. The Lab may or may not make a return but it’s in our wheelhouse of ideas. Developer nights and livestreaming MP matches with the Dogs has been discussed as well and we have the Twitch TV channel secured. Look for something on Twitch TV soon. 

"Which season did you guys at Naughty Dog find to be the most difficult season to make? The entire game is filled to the brim with detail and character, which one was the most difficult?" – KingdomSlayah


Each season required its own level of attention to detail and polish. We concept all our games using color scripts so working out the look and feel of the different seasons was something we’ve been hard at work for a long time. The AI system was likely the most difficult thing we worked on as we rebuilt it from the ground up for the game. 

"The new Lab Maps that were supposed to be added to Uncharted 3's MP. Where are they? They were supposed to be released in May. It's July now and still nothing." – Orochidude


We post that the Lab map calendar will constantly be undergoing revision every time we blog about update and any new Labs. That’s still the case as Labs are meant to be experimental. Lab Map dodge ball received such universal praise that we wanted to keep it live for long. We’re at a point with Uncharted 3 that we have to maintain and manage resources very carefully. We’re working on some new stuff but if we can make it work within the current state of the multiplayer it’s going to be trial and error and may or may not happen.


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Re: ** Q&A with the Naughty Dog Development Team: July Edition **

Jul 1, 2013
How do you reload?
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Re: ** Q&A with the Naughty Dog Development Team: July Edition **

Jul 1, 2013

When did you begin creating The Last of Us, and when did you finish it?


I have acquired the grade of Master in The Last of Us story/character/game knowledge as I have played it through 9 times.

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Re: ** Q&A with the Naughty Dog Development Team: July Edition **

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Jul 1, 2013

The Last of Us multiplayer has been censored in Europe/Australia. 


  • Any explanation why? Australia now has R18+ rating and it was given PEGI 18. 
  • Any chance of a future toggle?
  • Has single player been modified as well from its U.S. counterpart?


Please respond!



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Re: ** Q&A with the Naughty Dog Development Team: July Edition **

Jul 1, 2013

What was the hardest part of The Last of Us to write?

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Re: ** Q&A with the Naughty Dog Development Team: July Edition **

Jul 1, 2013

How hard is it to patch the **bleep** single player campaign for The Last Of Us?

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Re: ** Q&A with the Naughty Dog Development Team: July Edition **

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Jul 2, 2013

Why haven't you guys outlined what exactly will be included in the MP packs for TLOU season pass?



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Re: ** Q&A with the Naughty Dog Development Team: July Edition **

Jul 1, 2013

Are you guys unhappy with Sony?


I'm asking because of the following tweet:


Larry Gadea @lg

@Naughty_Dog really **bleep**ed up getting getting involved with Sony. this single-
platform exclusivity is killing what they could have been

To which you replied:

Naughty Dog

@lg Unfortunately that ship sailed 12 years ago. Sorry!




The 'unfortunately' part is what's bugging me.




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Re: ** Q&A with the Naughty Dog Development Team: July Edition **

Jul 1, 2013
This is in TLoU:

Can you give us some news about party splits and the dead body glitch? Are you trying to fix them?

And... can you please please please add Jak's goggles to the MP? Not Ellie's Jak's goggles one tho, give us the real one! It can be as a reward for getting the platinum like Marco Polo in U2! Pleeease ND, you know we love Jak. Smiley Sad
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Re: ** Q&A with the Naughty Dog Development Team: July Edition **

Jul 1, 2013

All parts of the same question Smiley Tongue  (hopefully its not a single word response) Smiley Tongue


What kind of DLC content will be created?  and how many of the 3 specified will be for single player?


i would like to see some more content between winter and spring!  you know making the winter and spring segments longer.  i.e. Bushcrafting, some more travel and bonding time between Joel and Ellie.  Will ND consider this?

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