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Re: ** Q&A with the Naughty Dog Development Team: March Edition **

Mar 12, 2014

Would be the UC gameplay always be the same? Every new part of Uc is different. Like aiming free running.. i hope it will not be like Tlou.  I hope there will be more possible like fast functional action gameplay. If there is more things you can do, without bugs like uc3 online... the graphics of the game doesnt make uc. Uc is created for i nice store and, fun and  a freerun in the multiplayer.

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Re: ** Q&A with the Naughty Dog Development Team: March Edition **

Mar 14, 2014

Out of all of the sound tracks from The Last of Us, what are some of the Naughty Dog favorites (I know all of them are beautiful, but maybe narrow it down to the top 3?).  

"But we fight...for every second we get to spend with each other. Whether its two minutes...Or two days...We don't give that up."
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Re: ** Q&A with the Naughty Dog Development Team: March Edition **

Mar 25, 2014

"Hi guys! So When I played Left Behind I really enjoyed the inclusion of the infected and the hunters in combat at the same time. Are you planning on implementing that idea into factions? It would put an interesting twist to combat, being able to pit the infected against the enemy team. Thanks for reading!" - Cathal-O


Thanks for playing and glad you liked the new feature! Unfortunately, due to resource limitations and other technical issues, we won’t have any infected in Factions. There’s a lot of data that applies to the infected and their behaviors. Also, Factions is meant to be a story about the surviving factions going at each other. Infected aren’t really in that camp.

"Hi guys, After The Last of Us is out since half a year now, and the SP DLC is released as well, you probably got a huge amount of feedback. What is the one thing in or around the game (main game, multiplayer or DLCs) you would do differently / would like to change in retrospective? I don't take "nothing" for an answer, there is always something Smiley Very Happy Thanks" - foofighter2634


Hmmm…that’s a tough one. There’s really not much we’d change about the single player or the multiplayer. If we had more time we might develop some ideas a bit further but we’re making changes with our patches that address some of those ideas. Honestly, maybe release the DLC a bit more closely to the game launch? That’s probably about it.


"Would you please consider a Ranking / Ladder system for U3/U4 and TLOU/2 MP? Matchmaking by "level" doesn't always adequately reflect skill but rather time played, resulting in some very lopsided games." – CritRate


We’re always experimenting with ways to optimize matchmaking for all our MP games. Unfortunately, there’s no silver bullet for perfect matches. A ranking/ladder system is a methodology that doesn’t always imply skill either given there are ways to move rank or up a ladder without being skilled at the actual game itself.


"Instead of adding more hats like AK said, why not add a color wheel to all hats? For example, the Baseball cap is by default, black. You can access the color wheel and change the color to pink, yellow, blue, red, purple, green, and you get the point. Some hats could have a secondary color like the headphones. The actual headphones would be secondary; the hat itself would be the primary color. Also if we are picking the default headwear, we should be able to pick which headwear. For example, the Hunters could pick between the hair (no hat), the black beanie, or the hood (Everyone loves when they get the hood) Thanks for taking your time to read this and hope you implement this!" - ExOTiC1234


The look of Factions was something we wanted to have very aesthetically defined and fixed. We don’t plan to add a color wheel because bright colors might affect the gameplay and the tone of the multiplayer. All elements need to be grounded and tied to the game world and its mythology.


"Why did you make so many ridiculous customization items such as the Bird Nest hat for the U3 MP? I don't mind things like an Antique Mask or Bandannas, but a lot of these items make the game look like Team Fortress 2." - RedLegend14


The tone of UNCHARTED is a bit playful and light hearted. We added items that played to those sensibilities. Also, one person’s treasure is another person’s junk…and all that. J


"Will there ever be any figures, or statues of characters from The Last of Us?" – bioshocksurviver


We are working on all kinds of merchandise right now. Once we have something ready we’ll talk about it. In short, we hope so but we need to find the right partner!


"Hello guys, Is there a chance of seeing more content of TLOU in other medias, like 3d movies, or comics etc...? Thank you for giving the chance to talk to you guys." – apollyonpt


Well, The Last of Us movie was just announced so yes! We might have some other stuff in the pipeline as well…


"Will The Last of Us be receiving any type of coop mode, such as a horde mode where survivors fight against infected AI, at any point in the future? Even if it's not a part of the Season Pass, I think a lot of people are interested and think it'd fit this infected apocalyptic world like a glove." - Eternal-CMO


I believe we’ve addressed this a few times but we won’t be having Co-Op or Infected AI in the multiplayer for The Last of Us. Technical hurdles and limits prevent this. Factions was designed to be very different than your standard multiplayer experience.


"ND, when you are trying to add something new to customization? Like gender select at least." - Brunis_97


For which game? We’re working on more DLC for The Last of Us yet. As for the customization for Factions, we wanted it to be random for design reasons and to fit the narrative of Factions.


"Why didn't any of the characters in The Last of Us and Left Behind have any middle or last names? I think Ellie would have meant more if she had Ashley Johnson's name for middle and last in my opinion. Ellie Ashley Johnson is what Ellie's full name would be and would add uniqueness and sentimental meaning to Ashley and to the players. Same goes for Joel, Riley, Bill, Tess, Tommy, Marlene, David and any other characters I left out." - L_A_White_Boy


 We haven’t really gotten into their full backstories yet. Ellie and Joel had last names early on but the personalizing of going by just a first name created a nice, strong, memorable connective link, don’t you think?


Bonus Question:


"Let's try this again. Now that the Uncharted 3 DLC maps are free, can you please patch them into the game? And if you make DLC maps free in future games, can you please do the same? The toggle serves no purpose unless you want to exploit match making to find newer players. If that's no good, you could also force players to download the maps in order to continue playing." - SjShane


As your question implies, we’ve addressed this before – we can’t patch maps into the game without moving major technical hurdles. It would be re-writing the entire codebase for multiplayer in some instances. They are downloadable for that reason. We’ll consider this for any future games that have multiplayer now that we have some more resource space available via PS4 architecture. 

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Re: ** Q&A with the Naughty Dog Development Team: March Edition **

Mar 26, 2014

This month was a bit weak. They just answered the same questions again, because some people can't handle the truth.


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Re: UPDATED ** Q&A with the Naughty Dog Development Team: March Edition **

Mar 26, 2014
^Agreed, I can only hope this will nudge people to STOP ASKING THE SAME CRAP OVER AND OVER EXPECTING A DIFFERENT ANDWER. Although I did figure they wouldn't change their answer to Shane, which is a bit disappointing...
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